Starting on a Humorous note!


I am Yvita Villalona, a Graphic Designer who is just interested in sharing what I do and also some interesting info about the design world or world in general.

I would like to start off on a very funny foot, so next up is something from “clients from Hell” the website. Enjoy!!


On of the crazy examples of what we run into as designers. (taken from clients from hell :P)

Client: “I’m trying to log into the website for the software demo and it keeps saying ‘Invalid Credentials’. I’m using the login information you sent via email.”

Me: “Well, I’m able to login, so I know it works. Let’s check the spelling you’re using.”

Client: “Maybe I misspelled the password. Should the ‘N’ in ‘None’ be capitalized?”

Me: “When I said ‘none’, I meant that there is no password…as in, it’s blank.”

Client: “Oh… (lengthy silence) But I don’t write ‘blank’, right?”

If you want to read on, go to


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