Re-entering freelance work with a new edge

After more or less a year of not posting anything, i am glad to post some of my work with a new edge. My last post was about a graphic design/creativity drought…. i see now that it was an understatement…

In these past months i have looked for a new perspective on things and in this post i will share my new initiative. Most graphic designer already now about mockups, but unbelievably, i always wondered if there was a better way to present my work, but never new that mockups existed….. silly me.

I have to say, designs do look much better, and clients have a better idea of what the end product will look like. Needless to say, clients will never change…. that is why “clients from hell(” is still and always will be in business.

So here they are. Three mockups of my last clients 🙂
Would appreciate any feedback, or constructive critique, thanks.





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