Exhibition panels (proposal)

Panels for exhibition room requested by an interior design/architecture company in DR.
These panels would be printed out on vinyl and placed on the top of the samples.

(for visual purposes these panels were made with a fake logo improvised only for this job and would be replaced once the company submits the original logo)

Re-entering freelance work with a new edge

After more or less a year of not posting anything, i am glad to post some of my work with a new edge. My last post was about a graphic design/creativity drought…. i see now that it was an understatement…

In these past months i have looked for a new perspective on things and in this post i will share my new initiative. Most graphic designer already now about mockups, but unbelievably, i always wondered if there was a better way to present my work, but never new that mockups existed….. silly me.

I have to say, designs do look much better, and clients have a better idea of what the end product will look like. Needless to say, clients will never change…. that is why “clients from hell(http://clientsfromhell.net/)” is still and always will be in business.

So here they are. Three mockups of my last clients 🙂
Would appreciate any feedback, or constructive critique, thanks.